Adjacent Hex #16 - Doug Avoids Some Effort

Being the perenial “year in review” time of the year, we decided that putting a top-ten list together seemed like too much effort. So we decided to answer some key questions instead. Find out what games met our expectations, which ones surprised us the most, and which ones fell short. We also explore a rabbit hole of learning a new game vs. re-learning an old favorite.

Featured Games This Month:

-Orphans & Ashes
-Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn
-Captain Sonar
-Gears Of War: The Board Game
-Secrets of the Lost Tomb

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These days it difficult to pass the time with normal games and people do want some thing new every time. I think you people had discovered a lot of things in this games sector. I feel people would love our idea.

02/19/2017 5:57pm

It's hard to find new and interactive games nowadays because different games are now emerging in the market. I played orphans and ashes and Santorini board games. But what I love the most is Santorini, an abstract strategy game. When it arrived, I was impressed and made it in my top 5 games this month. It has a lot of new features and artwork that is great for an elementary school and beyond gamers. This game gave me hours of fun for days and days.

05/10/2017 7:59pm

These are absolutely nice games! They are all hard to find games and so addictive! Thank you for posting this “year in reviews”. I am so glad to found your site and will be soon my favorite. Please don't forget to update us daily through your site.


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