The boys celebrate some big news for Doug and examine how various game enhancement tools change the way we experience games. We examine tools including soundtracks and helper apps as well as special dice, component substitutions, and background music as well as fan-created supplements. We look at the level of necessity of these offerings as well as what they bring to the game experience. We also examine how closely fan-created content can run to a game without replacing the core game content.

Featured Games This Month:

-Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle
-Space Hulk: Death Angel
-Secrets of the Lost Tomb
-Dragon Slayer
-Game Of Thrones: The Board Game
-Steal This Game
-Zombicide: The Black Plague
-Ten Candles

Adjacent Hex is proudly published by Ghost Ship Radio and produced by
Your hosts are Zach Denoncour and Doug Osterhoudt
You can reach Zach on Twitter at @denonczd and Doug at @itsoktolaff
The Adjacent Hex e-mail account is
Catch us live on Twitch at

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