Adjacent Hex #9 - The Myth of the Complete Collection

It's the middle of winter and the team gets reflective around this time every year. This time, we start picking apart the games we bring to the table and how we add them to our collections in the first place. Who plays them? What are the themes and major mechanics? Do we have too many of one type?

Featured Games this month:

 -Dead of Winter
 -Pandemic: The Cure
 -B*Sieged: Sons of the Abyss
 -Twilight Struggle
 -Bottom of the 9th
 -Manhattan Project
 -Machi Koro
 -Fantasy Frontier

Your hosts are Zach Denoncour and Doug Osterhoudt
You can reach Zach on Twitter at @denonczd and Doug at @itsoktolaff
The Adjacent Hex e-mail account is
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Shocking and thrilling. I really love to hear these radio voiced said to be "ghost". Though I believe that it is fake or edited, I still get the chills and get scared somehow. It will really make you believe that it is true, though it is still not proven. I am a ghost/paranormal activity fan that is why I also try to look for some proofs on ghosts. I did my research on our library in school, and there are a lot of books that believes in them. Fact or not, I will still hold my opinion until I can see/feel ghosts personally.

02/18/2017 4:05am

Bang! is pretty cool! I really enjoyed playing in it!


I'm waiting for all of them! Can't wait to play and check that!

08/11/2017 7:47am

Yeah! Gaming is life. I would love to try to play the twilight struggle, the fantasy frontier, the bang and the dead of winter. I have heard so many reviews about it and I think it will suit my taste when it comes to games. I've been searching for online games these past few days because I was so bored and there was nothing to do aside from sleeping and eating. That's why, I planned to do another thing that is so unproductive, gaming. Seems funny right? Yes! I want to make most out of summer, relaxing myself and freeing my mind from all the paper works and exams as the next school year approaches


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