Since Zach is a teacher and Doug works for the Department of Education, teaching is always at the front of our minds. It’s important to have an approach to teaching whenever you sit down to learn a game with a group of people. Team Adjacent Hex has observed several different methods for learning games over the last month and we are eager to share our findings with our listeners!

Featured Games this month:

 -Ashes: Rise of the Pheonixborn
 -Pathfinder Munchkin
 -Legendary Encounters
 -Ticket To Ride Nordic Edition
 -Roll For the Galaxy
 -Castles of the Mad King Ludwig

Your hosts are Zach Denoncour and Doug Osterhoudt
You can reach Zach on Twitter at @denonczd and Doug at @itsoktolaff
The Adjacent Hex e-mail account is
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There is always joy in learning. I never understood why people hate studying. I feel like you will only hate studying if you always think about what your grades will be. I never see studying like that so maybe that's why I love it so much. I see studying as my way of learning new things. I am actually grateful for the fact that I get to learn something new everyday. As much as possible, I want to be able to learn everything before I die even though I know that's impossible because I know that even if I live for a hundred years, it still wouldn't be enough for me to learn everything. I suggest that people view studying as a way of being able to understand the world more rather than simply studying for the sake of getting a high grade.

09/26/2017 8:26pm

Being able to learn means that you are maturing in some ways. There is indeed joy in learning. In my own experience, I don't know why, but I usually feel so happy and satisfied every time I am able to learn and understand something really important. It feels so great knowing that you have added some important knowledge again. I used to dream of becoming a teacher before, but I don't think I will be able to make that dream come true right now.

04/07/2017 2:59pm

Learning is a continuous process in our life. This is the reason we have the skills, knowledge, behaviors and values. And each of it are unique. I am glad you are passionate in teaching others. May you continue your good work. And I'm wishing you more success on it.

12/06/2017 8:11am

All lessons are fully interactive, allowing you to ask your tutor questions and participate in discussions with other students just as you would in a real classroom.


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