This month on Adjacent Hex, Zach and Doug talk about games that have in some way let them down. Many of the games we play, and even some of the ones we love, can be disappointing in some way. Why do games do this and what are some signals that a gamer can look for to avoid being let down in the future? We also look briefly at some of the upcoming (at time of recording) events in board gaming and some unexpected publicity that the board game industry received of late.

Featured Games this month:

 -Spy Alley
 -Enter the Dungeon
 -Lords of Waterdeep
 -Sheriff of Nottingham
 -Galactic Strike Force

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02/27/2017 12:17am

I am a huge fan of Lords of Waterdeep and play it a lot. However, my success rate is very poor. But, my liking to the game makes me play it over and over again.

06/07/2017 3:27am

I haven't played any of these games yet so I don\t have a review for them. But I watched your stream last time and I think it's very informative. I will definitely try some of these board games with my friends. Maybe when we have a slumber party soon. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with these. Have a nice day!


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