With Geek & Sundry's annual "International Tabletop Day" looming, the guys are joined by special guest, Eric Fortier, to talk about the distribution of promotional materials and what that means to a completionist collector. Zach talks about how he didn't get to play a single game at the last ITD because he was chasing promos all over the northeast and Doug explores the differences between casual and competetive collectors. We also talk about some of the promotional items we've had to scramble to get our hands on over the years, some of the hoops we've had to jump through, and offer some suggestions as to how the distribution of promos can be improved to become less of a burden on both gamers and game companies. 

Featured Games this month:

 -Dead Men Tell No Tales
 -Pathfinder Adventure Card Game
 -Dead of Winter
 -Don't Turn Your Back
 -Fury of Dracula
 -Big Book of Madness
 -King of Tokyo/King of New York

Your hosts are Zach Denoncour and Doug Osterhoudt
You can reach Zach on Twitter at @denonczd and Doug at @itsoktolaff
The Adjacent Hex e-mail account is adjacenthex@anotherletdown.com.
Catch us live on Twitch bi-weekly at twitch.tv/anotherletdown

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11/06/2016 1:37am

It's very handy to check these episodes here. I will click this link right now!

10/05/2017 1:16am

I am confused with your blog, it's hard to identify what it is all about, until I go to another page of your blog. You posted here the Featured games for a certain month and invite people to come and visit some of it. This is a good blog for gamers, but if you want to encourage more gamers as your viewers make it more interesting and game type look so that they will misinterpret your blog or something. This is helpful, but needs to be improved. Good luck with those events you'll have in the future. Thank you so much!

03/19/2017 6:23pm

Sometimes we need to dig deeper on this issue. Great opinion indeed. I may follow this case on the other time. Thank you.

09/01/2017 3:52am

Was all that released! I like your list! Can't wait to try all that!


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