Doug and Zach have recently discovered a subset of cooperative games employing a limited communication mechanic. We decided to go deep on this idea and examine how players can maximize their communication. We look closely at what makes these games fun as well as how we approach them knowing ahead of time that the games MAY increase the normal amount of tension within a gaming group in a very fun and exciting way.

Featured Games this month:

 -Dragon's Gold
 -Elder Sign
 -World Of Yo-Ho!
 -Fury of Dracula
 -The Grizzled
 -And Then We Held Hands...

Your hosts are Zach Denoncour and Doug Osterhoudt
You can reach Zach on Twitter at @denonczd and Doug at @itsoktolaff
The Adjacent Hex e-mail account is
Catch us live on Twitch bi-weekly at

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08/28/2016 7:28am

I will check this episode. Seems like this show is pretty good.

02/12/2017 5:59pm

It seems that you have many exciting and fun games. May you tell me some information about the Adjacent Hex? Why does it have an episode? Is this a contest like Fear Factor? I want to experience joining with all of you.


I really like games with stories in it. It's like your playing while reading or watching a novel. It is very exciting, especially when it has new character and additional skills. I would love to check this following games that you stated above. Are those games applicable in mobile specially in android? Thanks for the respond.

06/13/2017 1:47am

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